Perfectly Simple Horse Hair Pendant with 2mm Diamond

Perfectly Simple Diamond Shadow B.jpg
Perfectly Simple Diamond Shadow B.jpg

Perfectly Simple Horse Hair Pendant with 2mm Diamond

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Such a perfectly simple way of capturing the spirit of our beloved horse. Nothing quite as lovely as this necklace. You have lots of options for this necklace; .925 Sterling silver pendant with a leather or a Sterling silver necklace (black leather cord necklace shown) or a 14K gold pendant and 14K gold necklace. They can also be personalized with your horse’s name on the back!

Take a lock your horse's hair, and send it to us.  We will braid it, and insert it permanently into our horse hair pendant.  A beautiful addition for your equine jewelry collection!   Be sure to send us at least 60 or more strands of hair (if possible), about 10 to 12 inches in length. Here’s a beautiful idea: We can combine the hair of multiple horses and capture the spirit of them all in the one piece. The amount of hair is about the diameter of a thin crafting paint brush… which is not much.    IMPORTANT!  Be sure to send your hair in a padded mailer (The Treasured Horse, 2 Meadow Crest ln, Waterbury, VT, 05676).  The hair can get damaged or lost if it's not packaged properly.

If you want it personalized, your horse's name will be etched onto the backside of the piece.  Please allow for 3-4 weeks from when the hair has arrived.

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